Equipment….Where To Start?

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Canon 1200DHaving been wanting a Digital SLR camera for some time my partner decided that for my 29th birthday she was going to buy me one. Faced with the vast arrays of cameras ranging from hundreds to thousands of pounds not to mention the infinite number of lenses there are on the market it was fair to say that choosing my first camera was a struggle. It became apparent that the major factor whist deciding, and whilst not knowing what areas of photography I would like, was versatility. I therefore opted for a Canon 1200D (or the EOS Rebel T5 in the USA) in a bundle pack with three lenses, a kit 18-55mm, a Tamaron 75-300mm and a fixed 50mm lens.

This kit offered great potential in being able to do close-up photography as well as taking pictures of landscapes and sporting photography which lends itself nicely to my love of the outdoors and cricket. I would recommend this bundle to anyone looking to get in to photography. The camera has a range of features and quickly allows you to start taking photographs whilst learning how the camera works.Upon starting to use the camera I was given a tip buy a friend that I needed to invest in a set of UV filters for the camera for no other reason than to protect the glass at the end of the lens without altering the picture. Having used the camera and lens’ for over a year now this was a sound piece of advice and not one which I have seen repeated anywhere else, though everyone seems to do it! A big top tip there!!

Whilst owning a DSLR I have also continued to use my smartphone camera for photography, its great for capturing those everyday things that you see and instantly publishing them to the many social media engines that there are out on the internet. I would also highly recommend carrying with you a smaller camera or a smartphone, it just helps and there isn’t too much more to be said than that!

These three items initially bought, followed by the next three (UV filters) really set me up and I have since followed this up with more kit, which whilst reasonable in price have helped me learn and even earned me a 1st place in a local competition.

Until the next time…