Jersey – What a Place For Photographers!

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog but sat here in my hotel room looking out over some amazing scenery I thought that I should write something.

Jersey isn’t somewhere I had ever really considered visiting before, somewhere which hasn’t really been on the radar. Holidays for me aren’t 100% about photography, it’s important to find somewhere to be able to relax and unwind but this usually ends up being somewhere quite picturesque. This year I have visited the small island of Jersey and I have to say that I have been blown away with its stunning beaches and amazing views. There is everything here for a large percentage of photographers; landscapes, beaches, architecture, sports…the list goes on! 

I haven’t been able to process any pictures from my DSLR yet but am looking to do so when I return home! For now I have included a few pictures taken with my iPhone (yes one of those people who look snap happy) and processed with some filtering from various apps on my iPad! 

Amazing Beach – Perfect for Those Remote Captures

One Stunning Harbour – Who Would Have Thought That This is in the UK? 

So where would I recommend that you visit to take some good pictures? Well put simply ANYWHERE! I appreciate that isn’t much help though so here are my suggested areas:

  • Rozel Bay
  • St. Ouen’s Bay
  • Corbiere Lighthouse
  • St Brelade’s Bay

Or, like I did, take a tour round the island in a car sticking to the costal roads. It took me about 2 hours and you can scout out any locations which you would like to return to later in your stay! 

I am really hoping that the pictures on my DSLR turn out half as good as some of these from my iPhone! 

Thanks for reading!